Matt Hill

Matt Hill
Team Number:21
Birth Date:07/24/1987

More Info
Matthew Steven Hill was born on July 24, 1987 in Lincoln, Nebraska. As a graduate from Lincoln Southeast High School, Matt Hill has always had a deep adoration for basketball and a notion to continue on as far as he could with it. Hill still holds records at Lincoln High for points scored, rebounds and blocks.

Coming onto the University of Texas Longhorn’s basketball team, Matt Hill’s skills were duly recognized, giving him the opportunity to participate in 23 games that season. That first season with the Longhorns, Matt Hill experienced a left foot injury, setting him back eleven games that season. Matt Hill returned to the Longhorn’s basketball team as a Redshirt Sophomore due to his injury. For the 2007-08 Texas Longhorn’s season, Hill returned once again to the Longhorns where he excelled on the court and in the classroom.

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