Dexter Pittman

Dexter Pittman
Team Number:34
Birth Date:03/02/1988

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Dexter Jerome Pittam was born March 2, 1988 and is a Texas native. Pittman currently attends the University of Texas at Austin, and plays at center for the Longhorns basketball team.

As a senior at Terry High School, Dexter Pittman weighed an outstanding 388 lbs at 6’10. Pittman was a force to be reckoned with, but knew he would need to shed some pounds if he expected to continue his basketball career. Dexter Pittman’s weight kept him from doing even the basic drills in practice and caused him a few injuries in the process. After dedicating himself to a workout program with his coach, Pittman was able to lose almost 100 pounds. This accomplishment not only gave him the confidence to play basketball for high school, where he earned the title MVP in his senior year, but this pushed Pittman to play for a college team as well.

Dexter Pittman was only used a few times during his first two years at the University of Texas. Finally, in his junior year with the Longhorns basketball team, Pittman started 24 games where he averaged 10 points and 5.5 rebounds per game. Dexter Pittman has become a dominant center in the Big 12 conference and is sure to continue his reign this season. Make sure to check out a Texas Longhorns basketball game to watch Dexter Pittman and the rest of the Longhorns in action.

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