Alexis Wangmene

Alexis Wangmene
Team Number:20
Birth Date:03/01/1989

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Alexis Mang-Ikri Wangmene was born March 1, 1989 in Yaounde, Cameroon. Wangmene’s legal guardians are Beth and R.C. Buford, who is the general manager of the San Antonio Spurs. Alexis Wangmene recently changed his jersey number to No. 20 in order to honor his father, who had worn the same number on his basketball team in Cameroon.

When Wangmene was 15, he participated in the NBA’s Basketball without Boarders in South Africa, which is where he was discovered by Buford. The Buford family sent him to Catholic Church High School and learned to speak English in the first six months there, before he went to a prep school his senior year.

As a freshman at the University of Texas, Wangmene played in all but one game that season. Alexis Wangmene had a very successful season that carried into the next season, until he suffered a knee injury in the fifth game of his sophomore year. With his injury so early in the season, he was granted a medical redshirt. Before this season, Alexis Wangmene has been recovering from knee injury and is ready to fight the good fight.

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